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About Monique

Monique A. Stennis is a communications professional with expertise in diversity initiatives and building a culture of inclusion within higher education institutions, small to mid-sized organizations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

She leverages her unique background, perspective, and extensive marketing career to quickly identify, translate, and deliver project management expertise; communication strategies; and innovative diversity programming align with the organizations’ mission.

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The Book You Need For Your Social Media Strategy.

Rock stars are everywhere—people known for the value and benefits that they bring to others in the workplace and community.


In Truly You, Your Brand’s Pathway to Success, Monique Stennis provides sound professional strategies from over twenty years of executing marketing principles to build effective brand campaigns. Learn how to define your personal brand online and in-person to succeed in your career.


This guide offers tools and tips to help you build and manage your personal brand. Adapt Monique’s proven strategies for a branding campaign where you will stand out from your competition.

Let's Work Together On You

  • Is your Personal Brand having a positive or negative impact on career ...

    30 min


JoAnn Lira ’22, business major

The Marketing Research course with Professor Stennis was a wonderful experience. With her background, and education in communications, marketing, and social media, I learned how to brand my company. In her book, Truly You, Your Brand’s Pathway to Success, Professor Stennis gives a step-by-step guide to being successful in marketing yourself as a brand.”


-Karis Johnson, business & finance professional

“I know Monique, both professionally and as a former student of hers. What I enjoyed most about Truly Yours was that it captured her nurturing and encouraging spirit.”


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