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My teaching philosophy is based on the commitment to inspire students to reach their highest level of achievement. I am a professor who has a natural desire to help others develop. The fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning. I apply many teaching strategies to create a climate that promotes student engagement through critical inquiry, problem-solving, respectful debate, and group interactions.


Students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter when I incorporate “real world” best practices. I augment the curriculum by incorporating business news, case studies, and insight gained through lessons I have learned in my career. These examples further enrich the student’s learning experience as they study the various concepts and theories.


Successful people understand the value of goal setting, especially in business. This is why I teach my students how, as well as require them to write their short-term and long-term goals. This exercise gives them a “big picture” blueprint of the path they are working towards while understanding how the coursework directly relates to their goals.


Communication is a vital part of individual, group, and business success. I require my students to present in class and give peer reviews. I want students to understand that a pivotal part of professional growth is learning to communicate effectively in front of others while also learning to give and receive constructive feedback. At times students may not immediately embrace such exercises that force them out of their “comfort zone,” I have witnessed them gain confidence by the end of the term. Moreover, some of the most apprehensive students have told me they benefited from pushing past their fears of presenting to a group.


I often incorporate problem-solving activities that force critical questioning. This is accomplished by requiring students to switch sides of the issue they would generally support and present the opposing argument. Depending on the exercise, they may be led to support a position based on concepts and theories of the subject matter and their worldview. This is a way for them to develop their critical thinking skills as they make decisions based on scholarly analysis.


Reflecting on my student experiences, I recall professors who awakened a sense of joy, drive, and creativity. These experiences forced me to expand my thinking, while influencing me to work at my best. This was done through their demonstration of empathy for the needs of every student. As a professor who has taught over 2,000 adult learners in the senior community, in addition to my experiences teaching in higher education, I understand the challenges of juggling work responsibilities and family life while tackling a new subject. This is why I tailor the curriculum to create conducive learning that includes collaborative lectures, motivating group and class discussions, and their individual absorption and reflection of the reading.


As I impart the knowledge that I bring to my students, they, in turn, teach me to be a better educator. Whether it is being flexible enough to adjust my teaching methods or finding creative ways to deliver the content, I equally challenge myself in the same fashion that I challenge my students. I am committed to life-long learning by attending professional seminars, developing workshops, and staying current in business, communications, marketing, and technology.


As an instructor, I see myself as a facilitator of development. My teaching philosophy is inspired by the excitement of preparing my students to be equipped with the reassurance of being influential business people who lead with compassion in an ethical manner.

“Professor Stennis made coming to class enjoyable.”

Marketing Analytics, University of Redlands

"Motivated and challenged me to want to do more."

Internet and Social Media Marketing, University of Redlands 

"By far one of my favorite professors in all my years as a student. Her passion for teaching and helping others is transparent and motivating."

Skills for Success, Argosy University

"Monique is an amazing instructor. She’s on point and focused."

Facebook 101, Inter Valley Health Plan 

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